• JMP - 15 - Les amoureux des bancs publics - d'après Georges Brassens

    Ah ces amoureux ...

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    Samedi 12 Octobre 2013 à 16:59

    Dear Jean-Marie,

    I truly enjoyed viewing the photos and this blog, in particular. It shows your infectious joie de vivre. You conveyed wonderfully the feeling of freedom that comes with roller blading. It must have been wonderful feeling the wind against your face, blowing through your hair, and the company of other roller bladers with you. You show style in your blading style. I imagine you must have been an accomplished blader. It is great that there are places around Bordeaux where you can skate safely. Perhaps, you can resume this activity when the time is right but, this time, wear more protective gear.

    Best of luck,


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